Intro to cave


Welcome to our Intro to Cave diver course! This is the second course in your journey of becoming a cave diver. You will learn to correctly connect to the main line while using of the rule of sixth for penetration.

Many drills await you: lost line scenario, out of air drill, no mask, no light, lost buddy, etc.

We will teach you how to proceed in a world of darkness. With a solid foundation, appropriate techniques and adequate equipment, you will be well prepared to take on this next chapter of the the cave diving journey.

Intro To Cave


Minimum age

18 years old or 15 years old with parental consent, IANTD cavern diver or equivalent, 25 dives

course content

Theory, surface and underwater exercices, 4 intro to cave dives


3 days minimum


3 person max., 1/6 rule, twins or sidemount, no navigation, 40m max., no deco, main line diving


Combinaison de plongée Gilet stabilisateurUn ordinateur de plongée Mono bouteille Masque de plongée Lest Détendeur Une boussole Des palmes

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